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Listening to the Web

Ever since I started seriously studying and working with the web (way back in 2000), I’ve always struggled with the terminology used to describe the way we USE the web and what we DO with the web. At that time it was all about “interactivity”, a term I have always struggled with and come to […]

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The Enclosure of the Web

It’s been a dark time in Australia when it comes to our lives in digital spaces. Both sides of government voted to instate draconian, opaque and dangerous new legislation to increase surveillance. They have traded the people’s freedom and right to privacy for “increased national security” – a term I am yet to understand. Now […]

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Another week has gone by, this one without me being sick – so that’s good. Some more great work to share – so Enjoy! Awesome The Inferno of Independence by @fchimero This post from Frank Chimero achieves the Awesome category this week and it got a lot of publicity this week – because it really […]