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A Course Builder

The tool I’ve been imagining for a while now is something bespoke for the development of courses. Something that would combine the features of previous work that I’ve done around single source publishing, pattern languages, metadata and the difference between authoring and presenting content. I’ve been asking myself a number of questions: Rather than the […]

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Previous tool making

Before I get into making new tools I want to go through what I’ve done so far. There’s a line between each of these areas of work below that has shaped my current thinking and where I am today, and each of these previous projects has informed my thining as well as given me valuable […]


Working without tools

Learning Design is a relatively new field. I’m not sure if it’s a discipline, or even if its defined as profession just yet. There are certainly aspects of it being both a discipline and a profession, but there is one clear thing missing — tools. Having spent years working adjacent to the design of learning, […]