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Design is Scale

I’ve just been listening to the We Are Open podcast interviewing Brian Alexander. During the discussion Brian talks about the idea of scale and needing to move between the micro through to the meso. This is something I’ve been fascinated in for quite some time and I’ve looking for words and terminologies to kind of […]

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Did DIY kill expertise?

I’m putting this up as a provocative idea: Did DIY kill expertise? DIY has always been a part of my cultural experience. As I grew up I saw hardware shops go from nothing more than a dingy hole in the wall to gleaming sparkling palaces adorned in fluro paint, tiki torches and outdoor furniture. The […]

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Does it Scale?

“Yeah, but does it scale?” This question seems to have become the catch cry of today’s education circles. From politicians to presidents, tech pundits to tech critics, teachers to theorists1 we all seem to be concerned with scale. But what are we really talking about when we discuss scale? What does the idea of scale […]