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Personality in Teaching: Content, Activity & Relationships

Martin Weller’s post on the role of personality in education has stimulated a lot of really interesting conversation and dialogue (it’s particularly interesting to see so many comments on a blog post these days!). I’ve ummed and ahhed about writing a response to Martin’s post but I honestly couldn’t articulate what I was trying to […]

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MOOCs & Mavens

It’s not everyday you get a hat tip from your vice chancellor, but the other day it happened. It was via Twitter – although I’m sure our VC would look quite fetching in suitable headgear – and was in relation to some links and posts I’ve curated regarding MOOCs and EdTech. The comment was made […]

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A final word on MOOCs & EdTech for 2013

After a big year and some recent revelations about MOOCs I think that Michael Feldstein sums it all up perfectly in this post – Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina He unpacks the year in MOOCs and then discusses some of the reasons why things have failed. I found this passage particularly insightful and resonates with […]

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Reading List #8

Amazingly this might be the quickest follow-up to my reading list! Lucky number 8. As always a collection of great ideas and topics. I’ve also included a few videos for those that don’t do reading 🙂 Innovation Universities are not Innovation Bootcamps A really great piece with a number of poignant points worth quoting. Universities […]

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MOOCs are dead to me

I’ve decided that’s its best if I just opt out of the debate/conversation/fluff and general ignorance about MOOCs. I feel that the supply of words that should be allocated to such a topic has run out. People have listed all the faults, issues, disruptions and potential and done so far more articulately than I ever […]

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Openness – Can the real disruptor please stand up?

With the discussion being centered on MOOCs have we missed the opportunity to focus on the real issue of openness? #csued2012 Me via twitter  I tweeted this question during a plenary session at our annual CSUED conference. The topic was about openness in higher education and quickly traversed into MOOC territory. I didn’t get an […]