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Did DIY kill expertise?

I’m putting this up as a provocative idea: Did DIY kill expertise? DIY has always been a part of my cultural experience. As I grew up I saw hardware shops go from nothing more than a dingy hole in the wall to gleaming sparkling palaces adorned in fluro paint, tiki torches and outdoor furniture. The […]

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Tech for Learning: Learning Pathways

This is the first post in a series about moving the conversation around technology in education from Administration to use for Learning. My first idea for a specific learning technology is around the idea of creating learning pathways. I’ve always liked the idea of mapmaking as a way to generate understanding, whether it’s the journey […]

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Reading List #7

OK so there’s been a bit of a break – so this is a bit longer than expected. So this reading list has a bit of a thematic grouping. Innovation Innovation Isn’t an Idea Problem I agree with the assessment that innovation is not an idea problem; it’s a recognition problem. Most organisations don’t seem […]

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ConnectEd: A User Centred Model of Learning

This is part two of my ConnectED series. The last post was an opening foray and explanation of the term in general. Over the next couple of posts I’ll attempt to dig a little deeper into some of the key components. Welcome to the first of those where I’ll introduced a new model to frame […]

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Introducing Connected Education

At the end of last year I added to a conversation taking place at our institution around what we call the modus operandi of the university. For years, like many others in Australia and around the world, we described the business and educational experience as Distance Education. It’s a relevant term given the beginnings as […]