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Reading List #3

So another week another set of new articles – mixed up with a few video and audio posts this time round! A 10th Grader Explains How Social Media Can Replace Textbooks – A really nicely put piece, simple but lovely. “Social media can transform a class from a traditional, cookie cutter, textbook-using class into an […]

Opinion Thought Bubble

Data Only Phones

It’s interesting that the current speculation about mobile technology is that smartphones may soon loose the phone component. You have AT&T boss predicting data only plans and massive speculation about a Facebook phone, the New York Times says the social network has been recruiting hardware engineers to build its own phone. What these two ideas do […]

EdTech Mobile

Creating unique Mobile experiences

So I promised a while ago to put together some ideas of using mobile to create unique learning experiences. They’re unique because they use the device to facilitate the experience, rather than being the experience itself.

ACU EdTech Mobile

Conversations in, on and around the classroom

Today was an interesting one, which really centred around the classroom  and looked at it from a range of very different aspects.

ACU Mobile

Mobility in Practice

Today I spent the day with faculty at ACU discussing the use of mobile devices and the technology supporting it.


An Introduction to UCI

So today was my first day at the Medical School of University of California Irvine. I don’t know if it was the weather but everyone was so friendly. I finally got to meet in person my contact at UCI, Mary Frances, and have a quick tour of their teaching spaces and be introduced to her […]