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Leadership Outside the Hierarchy

This is the fouth year I’ve been invited to participate in the CSU Think Piece project. The idea here is to put forward a brief presentation on the challenges and opportunities of learning and teaching at CSU to help stimulate an ongoing and open dialogue. This years theme is “Leadership for Innovation in Learning and […]


A Journey to discover what is Indie Ed-tech

What a weekend I’ve just had! What a week! What a fortnight! I met some amazing people at SXSW and on top of that I’ve just spent the last couple of days in the company of some of the most amazing and talented people in the world of technology, education and all the various ways […]

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SXSWedu: The Obvious Innovation

My revelation or insight from one day at SXSWEDU: What’s needed in education is better dissemination of good practice. Based on the sessions I attended yesterday and the level they were pitched at that’s the only conclusion I can come to. But it supports my experience. At my own institution little is articulated by faculty […]

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Contribution to 2016: Civitas

The start of the year sees a flurry of posts full of predictions and promises. Last year I thought that rather than do that I would post what I planned on contributing to, and I want to do that again this year. Last years contributions went a bit like this: Distributed systems – went well […]

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Innovation and the Novelty Factory

My ears and eyes seem to have been bombarded by one word so often over the last couple of weeks that I’m now developing something akin to shell shock. A nervous tick here, a Tourette-esque outburst there, a cringe and a cry, a bewildered look in my eyes and a wanton desire to disconnect and […]

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The Disruption Machine

The idea of innovation is the idea of progress stripped of the aspirations of the Enlightenment, scrubbed clean of the horrors of the twentieth century, and relieved of its critics. Disruptive innovation goes further, holding out the hope of salvation against the very damnation it describes: disrupt, and you will be saved. Jill Lepore This […]

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Tertiary 3 point Oh

Yesterday I attended the Tertiary 3.0: Exploring Local Innovation in Higher Education event that was part of Sydney’s Vivid Festival. I enjoyed the day and the format of the sessions but after the event I didn’t feel the buzz I was expecting. It has nothing to do with the speakers or what was said – […]

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A final word on MOOCs & EdTech for 2013

After a big year and some recent revelations about MOOCs I think that Michael Feldstein sums it all up perfectly in this post – Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina He unpacks the year in MOOCs and then discusses some of the reasons why things have failed. I found this passage particularly insightful and resonates with […]

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Reading List #10

Another week has gone by, this one without me being sick – so that’s good. Some more great work to share – so Enjoy! Awesome The Inferno of Independence by @fchimero This post from Frank Chimero achieves the Awesome category this week and it got a lot of publicity this week – because it really […]

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Reading List #9

So I tried my very best this week to keep up the Reading List as a weekly project. It was a lot easier given that I spent most of the week laid up sick! Awesome OK so I’ve created a new category of awesome just for Yiibu just for this list. These are fantastic self […]