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The more things change, the more Universities try to stay the same

It’s been an interesting week regarding working in universities. First Mark Smithers wrote, what I can only assume, a cathartic post on leaving academia. Then David Jones joined in providing another perspective on a theme that seems to be gaining some notoriety. In the comments below was the voice of Sarah Thorneycroft who provided another […]

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The Changing Context of Learning

In 2013 Charles Sturt University, my workplace, decided to develop a new project aimed at creating a space and forum to think through some of the issues, challenges, problems and opportunities we face as an institution. The Think Pieces Project was born and I was asked to contribute, which is a real honour. Initially I […]

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Reading List #6

I hope you’ll agree this reading list is one of the best and most diverse in terms of topics and ideas. I can’t say that there is a single emerging theme here, but they all seem to form pieces of a much larger puzzle – how we live, work and learn in an increasingly digital […]

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Future Thought: Devices

So as a technologist I think a lot about the future, always trying to see beyond the horizon. So in these Future Thought posts I’ll try and articulate some of these musings. To kick off I want to introduce some ideas about the devices we will be using in the future. When I started thinking […]

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Thoughts on the Future Forum

So recently we had the First Future Forum at CSU. I get to take some credit (or blame) as it was my original idea – and it’s great feeling to see one of your ideas enacted and released into the wild. The idea for the forum came from a desire to share and collaborate outside […]