Who wants the metaverse?

I’m not sure what kind of mindset drives someone to troll dystopian sci-fi for your “next big thing”, but it seems to be a big in Silicon Valley. It’s from one of these unheeded fables that Zuckerberg’s Metaverse emerges. Rather than try and fool a population and lull them into a false sense of safety […]

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Thoughts on How Facebook and Twitter Won

Mike Caulfield kicked off an interesting discussion with his blog post How Facebook and Twitter Won. I think Mike makes a pretty convincing argument which I’ll go along with, as long as I can add a couple of but’s to encompass a couple of other factors. But 1 – HTML Yes RSS failed to capture […]

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Social Media: A Story of Exploitation, Enclosure and Enslavement

This talk was given at the Wagga Nerd Nite event on Tuesday the 24th of November 2015. To give it some context – it was originally planned to be given on September 24th but unfortunately that was the day of The Fire. Tonight I wanted to present some of my observations about the emergent behaviors […]