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SXSW: Pop Edu

Day 3 at SXSW was a bit of a bad day. My Bubble Burst and then I was exposed to (by my own choice), what I can only call “Pop Edu”. First up was the keynote presentation How to Think (and Learn) Like a Futurist from Jane McGonigal and then in the afternoon I went […]

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SXSW: The day the Bubble burst

Day 3 was a big one for me. A couple of things I attended really spooked me and challenged my world view about education. A following post will discuss some of the challenges that education is facing. I came to a career in education. It wasn’t predestined. It wasn’t even on my radar until I […]

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The Apples & Oranges of Online Learning

I’m sitting in the airport right now, about to board a 16 hour flight to Dallas before making my way to Austin for SXSWedu. I’m going to the conference with eyes wide open, it will take a lot to impress me in terms of buzz words and vendors, but there are some amazing people attending […]


Technology can humanize

A great deal of energy and attention has been focused on using technology to automatically grade quizzes, to “capture” lectures, to make the most massive MOOC . . . to McDonaldize education. There is another path. Technology can humanize. It can augment, extend, and empower. There is real transformative power for students and instructors when they interact […]

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Reclaim & Rethink

I’ve previously given a quick overview of my planned (and in progress) Reclaim Project. One of the reasons for embarking on this was playing with the concept of digital identity. In a caffeine inspired ideas session a couple of months ago I was trying to think through the idea of the “self” in a digital […]

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A final word on MOOCs & EdTech for 2013

After a big year and some recent revelations about MOOCs I think that Michael Feldstein sums it all up perfectly in this post – Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina He unpacks the year in MOOCs and then discusses some of the reasons why things have failed. I found this passage particularly insightful and resonates with […]

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Reading List #8

Amazingly this might be the quickest follow-up to my reading list! Lucky number 8. As always a collection of great ideas and topics. I’ve also included a few videos for those that don’t do reading 🙂 Innovation Universities are not Innovation Bootcamps A really great piece with a number of poignant points worth quoting. Universities […]

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Reading List #5

There is a bit of theme running through this list – edtech and innovation. It’s been a topic of discussion for me over the last week or so and I’ve been trying to develop and clarify my thinking on the topic. Expect a blog post soon on it! A gorilla in their midst: rethinking educational […]

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The EdTech Revolution – According to Pearson

A colleague of mine posted this video of Juan Lopez-Valcarcel the Chief Digital Officer at Pearson on Twitter. It comes from the Next Web Conference and I was immediately taken aback by the tone, theme and points made in the talk, so much so that I wanted to actually critique it. That’s what this post […]


Presentations from CSUED 2012

I was lucky to present no less than 4 times in various forms at our internal Teaching and Learning conference – CSUED 2012. With so many great sessions I don’t think I over presented – just added a dash of mobile and a bit of “how to” to the mix. I’ve posted most of presentations up […]