A Future for Tech

Digital technology has the ability to disrupt and to change the future, but it has to do it by actually challenging the past. Disruption doesn’t happen when one institution is simply replaced by another, which is what we are seeing today. Disruption only occurs by offering a viable and sustainable alternative to the system in […]

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The Disruption Machine

The idea of innovation is the idea of progress stripped of the aspirations of the Enlightenment, scrubbed clean of the horrors of the twentieth century, and relieved of its critics. Disruptive innovation goes further, holding out the hope of salvation against the very damnation it describes: disrupt, and you will be saved. Jill Lepore This […]

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The Missing Value of Quality

TL:DR – I posit that the single most important point of measure is missing from most of what we do with technology, education and work, and yet it has the biggest impact overall, effect on impact, usage, uptake and success. Quality. How do we get quality? Design. I read some really thought-provoking articles in the […]