The Unrealised Potential of Online

One of the things that makes me stick with digital technology is how little of it’s potential I think we’ve realised so far. We don’t seem to have got our head around the ability to reduce the infrastructure required to connect, communicate and share and the internets ability to reduce distance down to zero. We […]



Online doesn’t replace offline — they are now one and the same

“This idea that we are trading the offline for the online, though it dominates how we think of the digital and the physical, is myopic. It fails to capture the plain fact that our lived reality is the result of the constant interpenetration of the online and offline.” – Nathan Jurgenson Online doesn’t replace offline […]

Adaptive Publishing Thought Bubble

We need to start at digital

I came across Tom Johnson’s posts Structured Authoring By For And Or Nor With In the Web and Structured Authoring (like DITA) a Good Fit for Publishing on a Website? this weekend. It came at a good time for me seeing as I’m thinking about publishing, authoring and content. I missed the publication of the original post – and […]