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Containers and Fidelity

So last week I dropped down some principles for Agile Learning Design and I want to unpack each of these a little. However, I figured there’s one there that might need some extra explanation – number 5 – so let’s start there. Content is content until it is something else. We use “content” as a […]

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Make Your Own Slogan: MYOS and the Networked Future

When I started this post it was only a week since I submitted an abstract for the dLRN15 Conference, but the it’s taken much longer to pull this post together than I originally thought. The title of the talk that I submitted was Empowering the Node & Avoiding Enclosure and in this post I want […]

Adaptive Publishing

Separating Content from Presentation

At the moment I’m planning some work in the area of digital publishing. The premise is to develop a proof of concept for an adaptive digital publishing system. Central to this idea is the concept of the separation of content from presentation. This concept is perhaps best embodied on the web – HTML providing structure […]