conference Domains

A Domain of “Our” Own

From the first sip of coffee on Monday morning my brain was in put into high gear and stayed there except the brief hours of sleep in between. It’s Thursday and I still feel it. Words have been difficult to find – a feeling shared by many others who attended. For me it comes from […]

EdTech Mobile Presentations

ascilite 2013 Conference Notes

Be aware that these are notes – not transcripts of talks. I tend to think about quite a lot during a good presentation (I don’t do “passive absorbtion” and I’m always processing and questioning as I go). The notes reflect this space that my mind operates in and should never be seen or treated as […]

Education Ideas Opinion

Teaching with Conferences

I love conferences. ┬áThere is something so enriching about being together with a bunch of unique but similarly interested people. My mind is switched on and usually turned up to 11 as I try to take in every new idea, concept, data point or fact. It’s invigorating and exhausting in equal measure, but I look […]

Education Mobile Technology

It’s time for Output

I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of months and the discussions going on around Educational Technology in all it’s forms and facets. The debates around the LMS, MOOCs, mobile, BYOD, social media, badges and the like have really shown that if anything the education – right through K-12 to higher ed – is in a […]