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Containers and Fidelity

So last week I dropped down some principles for Agile Learning Design and I want to unpack each of these a little. However, I figured there’s one there that might need some extra explanation – number 5 – so let’s start there. Content is content until it is something else. We use “content” as a […]

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The Principles of Agile Learning Design

So far I’ve given you a bit of an origin story for Agile Learning Design and spoken a little bit about the Design itself. The next thing I thought I’d do was lay out some principles for Agile Learning Design. This post is more manifesto than explanation — some of it definitely needs to be […]

Agile Learning Design Opinion Work Out Loud

The Design in Learning Design

Before I get into some of the meatier discussion around Agile Learning Design I want to take a quick detour and have a quick chat about learning design. Without a dedicated degree or qualification it seems that learning designers come into the profession via two streams – education or technical. I came to it from […]

Agile Learning Design Work Work Out Loud

An Origin Story for Agile Learning Design

I’m going to try and keep going with the writing. Rather than aim for the masterful tome, I’m just going to approach it as a series of connected pieces. For me I just need to externalise some of my thoughts and see what sticks. I’ll come back and refine things later. I want to talk […]

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Wanting to Write and Not Finding the Words

I’ve been trying to write a blog post for months. I have drafts and half finished ideas scattered across half a dozen apps as both text and voice notes. Plenty of words but not the time or the space to craft them into something more coherent. So instead of trying to work through that pile […]

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Designing the Learning Experience: Activities & Patterns

Thinking about the design of experiences and how a focus on activities might work with the development of a pattern language to aid learning design.

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2020: Are We There Yet?

I write a wrap up of each year because it helps get my head in order to face the new year. This was one hell of a year. There were massive milestones, profound happiness and sadness, incredible isolation and togetherness. The year swung between extremes, sometimes so quickly I was literally left spinning. I saw […]

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We design learning.

For the past few months, I’ve spent a bit of time working towards a definition of learning design that works for me. Definitions are really hard to do. They sound easy, but once you start to unpack things it gets quite difficult, very quickly. I don’t know if I’ve got my definition sorted yet, but […]


Bringing my thoughts together

A few years ago I played around with the Federated Wiki, and I liked it. At the same time setting one of my own up was a bit of work and life comes along and drags you off in another direction. I liked the idea of connected documents, ideas and thoughts and of those being […]


This is 40

So I made it. I was a little bit apprehensive after I’d scheduled all those posts that I might pass away in my sleep – but I made it through the night . I touched down in Adelaide the night before – still 39 – and into a state that is actively policing borders. Our […]