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Design at Scale

I presented Tuesday, 6th December, at Ascilite22 about some of the work I’ve been leading at the University of Adelaide. It was a Pecha Kucha session, so there was not a massive amount of time to go into depth about the work, so I thought I’d put together something to accompany the slides and provide […]

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Leading Through Fog

“I feel called on to “lead”, even as I am not sure what to think.” On return to campus planning, this beautiful writing speaks to the challenge of leading in fog. This week was a big one. I’ve been so focussed on recruiting and developing the team, getting work practices established and building momentum […]

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The Principles of Agile Learning Design

So far I’ve given you a bit of an origin story for Agile Learning Design and spoken a little bit about the Design itself. The next thing I thought I’d do was lay out some principles for Agile Learning Design. This post is more manifesto than explanation — some of it definitely needs to be […]

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The Design in Learning Design

Before I get into some of the meatier discussion around Agile Learning Design I want to take a quick detour and have a quick chat about learning design. Without a dedicated degree or qualification it seems that learning designers come into the profession via two streams – education or technical. I came to it from […]

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An Origin Story for Agile Learning Design

I’m going to try and keep going with the writing. Rather than aim for the masterful tome, I’m just going to approach it as a series of connected pieces. For me I just need to externalise some of my thoughts and see what sticks. I’ll come back and refine things later. I want to talk […]

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Designing the Learning Experience: Activities & Patterns

Thinking about the design of experiences and how a focus on activities might work with the development of a pattern language to aid learning design.

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Not a Startup Guy, In a Startup World

A couple of years ago I got into startups. Not as a participant but as an observer. It was interesting to look at the systems at play in that space, to learn the dynamics and the culture and to try and interrogate how and why certain ideas seemed to dominate that world. It was definitely […]

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The Dynamics of Static Sites

For the last few websites I’ve worked on I’ve utilised this thing called a Static Site generator, and one in particular, Jekyll. I’ve wanted to post about this for a little while because it’s honestly been one of the best things I’ve done in along time. It’s forced me to deeply think about webdesign in […]

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A Better Academic Authoring Environment

I’m putting all this out there beause I’d love to hear from anyone with suggestions or experiences with something similar. If you’ve got some nifty plugins, themes or code I could use, feel free to recommend them! I’m happy to provide feedback on how it goes and share the work on this openly. Content is […]

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Contribution to 2016: Civitas

The start of the year sees a flurry of posts full of predictions and promises. Last year I thought that rather than do that I would post what I planned on contributing to, and I want to do that again this year. Last years contributions went a bit like this: Distributed systems – went well […]