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Did DIY kill expertise?

I’m putting this up as a provocative idea: Did DIY kill expertise? DIY has always been a part of my cultural experience. As I grew up I saw hardware shops go from nothing more than a dingy hole in the wall to gleaming sparkling palaces adorned in fluro paint, tiki torches and outdoor furniture. The […]

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The System vs The Game

I had this thought the other day – when was the last new social system developed? Sure we’ve seen plenty of technological systems come and go, but what about those that affect how we live, and perhaps more importantly live together? The bulk of our social systems came about in the post-war era, obviously required […]

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This Liminal Space

We’re in the midst of the whole COVID-19 crisis at the moment and I just wanted to take a little pause to just blog some thoughts. There’s a number of words like unprecedented which have ended up being thrown around at the moment. And, while they’re being thrown around, they’re the kind of words that […]

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Tech for Learning: Learning Pathways

This is the first post in a series about moving the conversation around technology in education from Administration to use for Learning. My first idea for a specific learning technology is around the idea of creating learning pathways. I’ve always liked the idea of mapmaking as a way to generate understanding, whether it’s the journey […]

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The Rise of Innovationism

Over the past few years I’ve witnessed the rise of a new kind of fanaticism, a new ideology that has taken hold within the tech industry and has begun to seep into other industries, sectors and government as technology increasingly important role. It defines itself through an undying and unquestioning devotion to the concept of […]

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Years End

I’ve tried a couple of times to write this post and failed. There’s a bunch of rejected drafts and I don’t know if this really encapsulates everything, but it gets closest. I’m still processing everything that has happened and am trying to work out what exactly it is I want to say, but I guess […]

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From AI To IA

When I Bryan Rieger use the term intelligent agents, almost in passing, to describe the current reality of what artificial intelligence looks like today, it really struck a chord with me. Despite all the hype and all the investment I’m not even close to being convinced about Artificail Intelligence. An intelligent agent however is achieveable […]

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Temporary Permanence

This is a long post that seeks to join three threads together. It’s taken a while to get to this point and it is definitely something I am still actively thinking through. Feedback appreciated. 1. Home (or the lack there of) I haven’t really written about my personal life for quite some time, not since […]

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From Us & Them to We

One of my long standing beliefs is that the human default for organisation is the hierarchy. It’s simplicity enables us to quickly organise a group of people in order to achieve a set task. With the Cynefin framework in mind, a hierarchy works for Simple problem space. At a stretch they can be used in […]

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SXSWedu: The Obvious Innovation

My revelation or insight from one day at SXSWEDU: What’s needed in education is better dissemination of good practice. Based on the sessions I attended yesterday and the level they were pitched at that’s the only conclusion I can come to. But it supports my experience. At my own institution little is articulated by faculty […]