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Television’s User Experience

Television has some problems –  an outdated business model, a serious challenge by the telecommunications industry and a new wave of devices that undermine the value of broadcast & cable networks.  I wanted to avoid the “technology killed TV” debate and have a look at TV from a users perspective and why television is actually […]

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eBooks and Digital Publishing

Looks like 2011 is the year that eBooks hit the mainstream. 

Mobile Technology

Going Pro

Creating with your mobile is often seen as the lo-fi option. It’s time to rethink that assumption.

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Funding Approved!

Well it’s taken a lot longer than I thought to get to this point, but finally our Mobile Learning initiative has been approved and funded!

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The mobile OS battlefield

Well it looks like there are some serious conflicts underway in the mobile operating system sector at the moment. While not quite as fun as some good ol’ fashion fisticuffs – the current bout of patent and legal battles is really intriguing for the interested observer.

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Easy lists with Bagcheck

Decided to share a nice site that I’ve started to use, Bagcheck.