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A University Metaphor

As I drove to work this week I was working on a metaphor that I’d like to share.

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Thoughts on the Future Forum

So recently we had the First Future Forum at CSU. I get to take some credit (or blame) as it was my original idea – and it’s great feeling to see one of your ideas enacted and released into the wild. The idea for the forum came from a desire to share and collaborate outside […]

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I don’t think you get mobile…

It’s a little late and I should be in bed with a book, but instead my face is lit up from the glow of my iPad as I succumb to the need to write down my thoughts. A friend posted an article titled “Why Mobile Will Dominate the Future of Media and Advertising“. After reading […]

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Data Only Phones

It’s interesting that the current speculation about mobile technology is that smartphones may soon loose the phone component. You have AT&T boss predicting data only plans and massive speculation about a Facebook phone, the New York Times says the social network has been recruiting hardware engineers to build its own phone. What these two ideas do […]

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Step 1: Noise Reduction

The diet has begun and I’ve just finished detuning the TV. I like TV but I have become a little jaded about it (see previous post) and commercial TV has become almost unwatchable. It’s one of the worst offenders of the Snack information – so I got rid of it. I’ve kept the non-commercial stations – the ABC […]

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A New Diet Regime

So I’ve made the decision to go on a new diet. This one is less about my physical appearance and more about my mental health. I’m going on an Information Diet. It’s probably more radical today than the Atkins but over the next couple of weeks I’m unplugging. If theres a topic I haven’t blogged […]


Moderated Comments

OK I posted a comment about this SMH article…. it’s being moderated at the moment, but here’s the unmoderated version. It’s this kind of thing that turns a reader, and Fairfax has been a reoccurring offender of late. I might be swapping to the ABC as my news source soon and leaving the technology to […]

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Advertising: the Web’s only business model

I had my first introduction to the Internet way back in 1996. We didn’t have it at home but some friends did and they introduced it to me. I saw my first digital nudie pic download pixel line by pixel line and built my first website that year. Yes, the website was one of those […]

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The Glass Slipper

Cinderella is a timeless story. So most people should be aware of the Glass Slipper, the shoe that fell off Cinderella as she ran away from the ball. It became the symbol of the perfect woman to Prince Charming (did he have an actual name?). Fairy tales and fables are supposed to teach us and […]


The PM – Good Boss vs Bad Boss

I have an interest in politics, not in the actual political games being played out, but the functions of government. So this week in Australian federal politics has been an interesting one where certain ideas and ideals have come to ahead. I thought I would put forward my perspective on things, one that is probably […]