Voices on the Air

It was a tweet that started a frantic search for more information: https://twitter.com/dajbelshaw/status/1157789466532204544 Doug and Dai have been running the TIDE Podcast for some years now, and I’ve listened to every episode. I never had the pleasure of meeting Dai but over the last few years I felt I got to know him through the … Continue reading Voices on the Air

From Ed Tech to Learning

I've been working in educational technology for the last 12 years and during that time I've come to the disappointing realisation that the mission of most Ed Tech is focussed only on facilitating administration of education. On top of that, the products that aren’t addressing administration needs are essentially concerned with the distribution of content. … Continue reading From Ed Tech to Learning

Into India

So I’m off to India. I meant to post this yesterday when the media embargo was lifted but I went through a mad rush to pack and prepare. Last year there was a call to join a Young Entrepreneur Boot Camp supported by the New South Wales Government. I applied and was lucky to get … Continue reading Into India