Elon Musk is the Worst

I am not a fanboy. Musicians, athletes, actors and artists are capable of amazing things, but I find the idea of fandom and hero worship odd. A few life lessons in hypocrisy and being let down by people you look up to have helped develop a healthy skepticism of the individual. I love plenty of … Continue reading Elon Musk is the Worst

Data Versus Ideas

So many topics of conversation don’t seem to be able to go very far these days without mentioning data – how important it is, how it’s the new oil, how it all help us solve all the problems. And every time it comes up I become more and more skeptical about what all this data … Continue reading Data Versus Ideas

Into India

So I’m off to India. I meant to post this yesterday when the media embargo was lifted but I went through a mad rush to pack and prepare. Last year there was a call to join a Young Entrepreneur Boot Camp supported by the New South Wales Government. I applied and was lucky to get … Continue reading Into India