Bring Your Own… Choice

It's one of the hot topics at the moment, Bring Your Own Device. Institutions and companies around the world are searching for an answer. I think the problem is that they are looking for the answer rather than answers.  At a strategy level its nice to think that there is a neat little solution to everything, … Continue reading Bring Your Own… Choice

I don’t think you get mobile…

It's a little late and I should be in bed with a book, but instead my face is lit up from the glow of my iPad as I succumb to the need to write down my thoughts. A friend posted an article titled "Why Mobile Will Dominate the Future of Media and Advertising". After reading … Continue reading I don’t think you get mobile…

6 Billion Mobile Connections by the end of 2011

Wireless Intelligence, the research arm of the trade group GSMA,  is forecasting about 6.07 billion connections by the close of the year. While it may sound like an outlandish prediction you do have to remember that the UN is already saying there are 5.2 billion users. Mobile is huge and there is massive growth predicted for the … Continue reading 6 Billion Mobile Connections by the end of 2011

Going Pro

Creating with your mobile is often seen as the lo-fi option. It's time to rethink that assumption.One of the great things about mobile is that it's there. You may have access to an amazing DSLR, but what good is it when its not with you when you see something you want to capture? The iPhone … Continue reading Going Pro