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A Better Academic Authoring Environment

I’m putting all this out there beause I’d love to hear from anyone with suggestions or experiences with something similar. If you’ve got some nifty plugins, themes or code I could use, feel free to recommend them! I’m happy to provide feedback on how it goes and share the work on this openly. Content is […]

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The Current State: Mobile Learning

I’ve written a couple of opinion pieces over the years about the Current State. There’s this one on the The Education System, this one on Society Transitioning, and Educational Technology and my personal state. They’ve been a nice way of articulating a specific view of space and time relating to a theme. They’re interesting as […]

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ascilite 2013 Conference Notes

Be aware that these are notes – not transcripts of talks. I tend to think about quite a lot during a good presentation (I don’t do “passive absorbtion” and I’m always processing and questioning as I go). The notes reflect this space that my mind operates in and should never be seen or treated as […]

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PC Age vs Mobile Age

I’ve used this table a couple of times over the last couple of weeks and a number of people have asked if they can use/borrow/build upon. The simple answer is yes! I’m happy to release the idea and the image under creative commons. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. […]

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Reading List #11

So I missed the ¬†weekly deadline – but hey that’s why I number these posts instead, there’s no false advertising on my part. The problem with running longer though is I don’t tend to switch off – there’s just more stuff! So here’s to a bumper edition! Bursting Bubbles and Different Perspectives The first couple […]

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A Wearable for Apple

This is a post purely about tech – an indulgence away from education and a chance to just imagine! Over a coffee last week a colleague and I mulled over the possibility of a wearable device from Apple. It was after the iPhone 5S and 5C event so we were discussing it in the context […]


Wrap Up – HTML5 Symposium

So this week I made the trek up to Toowoomba for the HTML5 Symposium at the University of Southern Queensland. It was my first time presenting outside of CSU so it was quite daunting. The symposium kicked off with drinks and a keynote on the Monday night. First time if encountered this structure and I […]

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Applying Common Sense to Technology

Over the last couple of months I have become increasingly obsessed with the field of User Experience. The main reason is that I see a growing disconnect between technology and people. There is a lot of discussion about either/or but very little about how the two interplay, interact and intersect. One of my earliest uni […]

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It’s time for Output

I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of months and the discussions going on around Educational Technology in all it’s forms and facets. The debates around the LMS, MOOCs, mobile, BYOD, social media, badges and the like have really shown that if anything the education – right through K-12 to higher ed – is in a […]

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Those Quantifying Lowercase Letters

You cannot quantify Learning with a lowercase letter because it’s a cerebral experience that has nothing to do with technology or medium – Me, Twitter The more I write and think about technology in learning and education, the more I feel that we are just in a state of flux and transition. Quantifying technology as […]