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Affective vs Effective Education

I’ve been wondering if we should be directing the discussion around education – and what it is, what is good about it and what is valuable – to be framed as affective rather than effective. If effect has a meaning of “a result,” it deems it to be finite, that there is an end, a […]

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PC Age vs Mobile Age

I’ve used this table a couple of times over the last couple of weeks and a number of people have asked if they can use/borrow/build upon. The simple answer is yes! I’m happy to release the idea and the image under creative commons. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. […]

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From Natives & Immigrants to Visitors & Residents

This is definitely an Ideas post. It’s an initial foray and putting some ideas into words for the sake of stimulating a discussion.  I’ve been aware of Marc Prensky’s work around Digital Natives and Immigrants for a number of years and watched it be critiqued, evaluated, dismissed, revised and challenged. Personally, I’ve never really felt […]

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The Missing Value of Quality

TL:DR – I posit that the single most important point of measure is missing from most of what we do with technology, education and work, and yet it has the biggest impact overall, effect on impact, usage, uptake and success. Quality. How do we get quality? Design. I read some really thought-provoking articles in the […]

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Change comes in cycles & Innovation in waves

I have a dilemma. I can’t quite determine what innovation is. That’s combined with the struggle to understand when it occurs. I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions: Is innovation actually different from progress or change? Isn’t it often just evolution being applied outside of a biological and genetic setting? Does innovation occur the […]

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A Wearable for Apple

This is a post purely about tech – an indulgence away from education and a chance to just imagine! Over a coffee last week a colleague and I mulled over the possibility of a wearable device from Apple. It was after the iPhone 5S and 5C event so we were discussing it in the context […]

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Purity in the digital form

The announcement and showcasing of iOS7 from Apple this week heralded a significant shift in thinking about interface design. Key to all this was the ditching of the skeuomorphic elements that have littered iOS and MacOS since the dawn of the Graphical User Interface. This isn’t a trend that Apple started by any means, but […]

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ConnectEd: A User Centred Model of Learning

This is part two of my ConnectED series. The last post was an opening foray and explanation of the term in general. Over the next couple of posts I’ll attempt to dig a little deeper into some of the key components. Welcome to the first of those where I’ll introduced a new model to frame […]

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The Tech Dilemma: Asking questions before solving problems in education

At the moment I am situated in the midst of a number of debates and discussion around technology and education. There are those around mobile and the desire to embrace this new suite of technologies. Those around innovative ideas and practices of technology and incorporating them into the mainstream. Technical discussions over formats, development processes, […]

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Teaching with Conferences

I love conferences.  There is something so enriching about being together with a bunch of unique but similarly interested people. My mind is switched on and usually turned up to 11 as I try to take in every new idea, concept, data point or fact. It’s invigorating and exhausting in equal measure, but I look […]