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Innovation and the Novelty Factory

My ears and eyes seem to have been bombarded by one word so often over the last couple of weeks that I’m now developing something akin to shell shock. A nervous tick here, a Tourette-esque outburst there, a cringe and a cry, a bewildered look in my eyes and a wanton desire to disconnect and […]

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The Value of Exploitation

At the core of our societal structures, economic and political systems is exploitation. Exploitation creates value in the most simplistic way by imposing a basic deficit model – I have, you do not. Exploitation is systematic unfairness. It divides and separates people. It motivates the worst aspects of our human nature and utilises our innate […]

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The Current State: Mobile Learning

I’ve written a couple of opinion pieces over the years about the Current State. There’s this one on the The Education System, this one on Society Transitioning, and Educational Technology and my personal state. They’ve been a nice way of articulating a specific view of space and time relating to a theme. They’re interesting as […]

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Critique & Creation

I started this post about 6 months ago and after observing the to-and-fro between Audrey Watters and Stephen Downes I went looking for it. I found it laying in a drafts folder, something started but not finished. Over the last couple of days other posts have come out, Debbie Chachra & Mike Caulfield, and it’s […]

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A Lost Pony

Thoughts on @seriouspony, networks duty of care & the *free* in free speech.

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Literacy and the Digital Self

I’ve been mulling two separate ideas over the last week – but I have a nagging feeling that they’re somewhat related. The first is that “digital literacy” is a poorly defined concept and there’s a significant gap between the idea and the reality. I’d suggest that there’s a significant difference between learning software and becoming […]

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The EdTech Revolution – According to Pearson

A colleague of mine posted this video of Juan Lopez-Valcarcel the Chief Digital Officer at Pearson on Twitter. It comes from the Next Web Conference and I was immediately taken aback by the tone, theme and points made in the talk, so much so that I wanted to actually critique it. That’s what this post […]