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Riffing off Remix

I’m feeling a little inspired after reading David Wiley’s The Remix Hypothesis and Mike Caulfield’s Paper Thoughts and the Remix Hypothesis. That’s on top of putting together an application for a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship where I’ve applied to carry on doing work around adaptive digital publishing. (The pitch video outlines a lot of what I’m […]

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The Complexity of Zoom

I’m really glad I read this tweet this morning: “Content” is like “art” or “weather” or “traffic” or “sex.” Useful words to describe large phenomena, but less useful the more you zoom in. – James Callan After spending most of the day discussing digital publishing I’ve come out the other side feeling …. well, underwhelmed. […]

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Purity in the digital form

The announcement and showcasing of iOS7 from Apple this week heralded a significant shift in thinking about interface design. Key to all this was the ditching of the skeuomorphic elements that have littered iOS and MacOS since the dawn of the Graphical User Interface. This isn’t a trend that Apple started by any means, but […]

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We need to start at digital

I came across Tom Johnson’s posts Structured Authoring By For And Or Nor With In the Web and Structured Authoring (like DITA) a Good Fit for Publishing on a Website? this weekend. It came at a good time for me seeing as I’m thinking about publishing, authoring and content. I missed the publication of the original post – and […]

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Adaptive Digital Publishing – Current Work & Ideas

This is my first post in an attempt to “work out loud” i.e. to be more open in my practice rather than just my output. It’s an attempt to log my current ideas and concepts around a topic to frame it, share it and reflect back at a later date. One of the things I’ve […]

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Separating Content from Presentation

At the moment I’m planning some work in the area of digital publishing. The premise is to develop a proof of concept for an adaptive digital publishing system. Central to this idea is the concept of the separation of content from presentation. This concept is perhaps best embodied on the web – HTML providing structure […]