This blog is a record of my work, thoughts, theories, ideas and comments about the world, work, life, things and stuff.

I’ve recently relocated to Adelaide, South Australia to take on the role of Manager of Online Learning Design and Content at the University of Adelaide. I have a background in graphic design, multimedia and web design and have a passion for exploring new technologies and the opportunities they bring.

Family pic after climbing Mount Lofty, Adelaide.

Outside of work I’m a dad, husband, brother and son. I live and love in Adelaide, South Australia after spending the last 12 years in the regional centre of Wagga Wagga in New South Wales. I’ve lived in Sweden, Ireland and Wales and spent a some time travelling through Europe and the US. I love travel, it is one of the most joyous experiences in my life and jump at the chance to see and experience anywhere new.


I’m in print, online and in an app!

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Published as part of the Ascilite 2013 conference:

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Also published at the Ascilite 2012 conference.

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Both appear in In M. Brown, M. Hartnett & T. Stewart (Eds.), Future challenges, sustainable futures. Proceedings ascilite Wellington 2012.


I also make presentations to explain what I’m working, thinking, playing and developing. I’ve been able to put a lot of ideas into action over the last two years which has really shaped my way of thinking and seeing the world – so less theory more action!

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