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5 till 40 – Goals

I forgot to set goals for life. It never felt right, or helpful to do so. I’ve never really known what I’ve wanted and been content to navigate life as it comes at me. Occasionally there are things I’ll commit too, but often I’ve arrived there without that express purpose.

In todays age of mindfulness and productivity it seems odd that I’ve avoided the goals thing for so long. The requirement to have them has passed me by. I’ve never felt driven to set them, in fact I’ve often felt more driven to NOT set them.

I’ve never set out to define myself.

Nor sort to measure or compare myself.

Which undermines the need for goals in the first place.

Now that 40 is here – do I need goals? Maybe I do. Maybe I need to have a bucket-list of things I need to do. But do I need to do them? Isn’t it just being totally self-centred?

I struggle with this kind of thinking – I don’t need much any more, in fact I’d go as far as to say I have everything I need. I don’t have everything I want – but I don’t need any of those things.

So is getting older just a time for getting what you want? Is that how the world gets so cynical and selfish?


By Tim Klapdor

Passionate about good design, motivated by the power of media and enchanted by the opportunities of technology.

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