The Next Good Thing

In the last post I talked about how I was on the journey between the Rut, the Transition and the Good Thing. I didn’t actually talk about the good thing, and I guess it’s because I’m in the middle of a process that will take a good few months to finalise. So I don’t know if I’m at the Good Thing or still in the Transition, but I’m certainly out of the Rut.

So what is this Good Thing of which you speak? Essentially it’s a whole new life … in Adelaide.

For some people that might be anticlimactic, “Adelaide? That’s it?”, but of course it’s not just Adelaide itself. There’s my new job, new house, new school and friends to make. It’s not just me either, it’s the whole family making this change. What Adelaide represents is the next chapter in our lives.

Wagga was the place I grew up, got out of and came back. It’s where my family are and where I met many of the people closest t me. We nested and bought a fixer upper and fixed it up. We raised a beautiful baby and into a smart and caring girl. We had our period of strife after the house was burnt out and then went to battle the insurance company. Those two years that’s hard to get back but it made us stronger, more capable and more understanding of the fleeting nature of our lives. And in between we made some amazing friends and watched our wider family grow up and add more members.

At the same time life got a bit samey. There was realisation that small city Australia is pretty hard done by when it comes to access and opportunities. I’ve managed to have some fantastic opportunities, but they always require me to be somewhere else. It was a long time ago now when running a workshop with the amazing Kim Tari and Joyce Seitzinger that I drew myself as a big fish in a small bowl. There’s been a growing need to get out, that I needed more space, something bigger to get my teeth into . To do something new, not just for me but with the whole family. I want my daughter to have more experiences and be exposed to bigger things. I grew up in Sydney and those experiences of the city have always been with me, even though I spent more of my life Wagga.

Returning to Sydney or making a move to Melbourne wasn’t that high up on my preference lists. Whilst great to visit, I struggle with the traffic and the chaos in the day-to-day. I couldn’t handle the commute and I’ve been spoilt by the 12 minute door-to-door trip to work with just one traffic light on the way. But when I finally got the chance to visit and spend sometime in Adelaide I never had that dread. It’s so often described as a big small town, and that’s about perfect for me. So finding a job here has been a bit of a dream.

There’s more opportunities to see and do things, new stuff literally just outside our front door. Then there’s the culture, the food and wine. Yes Adelaide is home to a heady mix of the good life and a rich landscape that’s here for us to explore.

So where are we at?

I’m starting a new job at the University of Adelaide (one of Australia’s best!) which is a huge change and I’ll post more on that soon. I’m in an AirBnB and have just signed the papers for a rental that looks amazing. We’re also selling up our house in Wagga. We decided to put a full stop on that chapter in life, so the house that’s been the focus of much pain and love is going up for sale. Fingers crossed we can sell quickly and move with a much healthier bank balance than when we went in. My wife is looking for work and will join me in October with our daughter for the start of term 4 at school, that way she can settle in quickly and make some friends before the summer break. So by the end of the year we should be settled and ready to make the most of 2020!

It’s been a hell of a ride to get to this point in life. And sure enough things won’t necessarily get easier or ‘better’. But they will be different and much more interesting.

By Tim Klapdor

Passionate about good design, motivated by the power of media and enchanted by the opportunities of technology.

6 replies on “The Next Good Thing”

What great news to read, congrats to you and the family for making the move. I have great memories of my time in Adelaide, and a great jump off point for exploring in all directions.

I’ve been thinking about you since you posted that you were on the move! Glad to hear you’ve landed somewhere where you are embarking on excited work. Hope all is well.

Thanks Adam! Doing very well now and was thinking of you and the Oklahoma crew while having Reclaim conference envy. I’ve been listening to the podcast which has been great in terms of keeping abreast of what you’ve been up to and working on. Hoping theres some opportunities in the future to head stateside again!

Congrats, Tim! As someone with two kids I realise what an upheaval this is and the size of decision you had to take, so high-fives on having the courage to go through with it 🙂

Thanks Doug! I think a lot of the courage comes from feeling it’s the right time to do it. My daughter is just coming into herself now and her being more confident makes me feel that she can make the transition. A year ago it might have been different story.

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