Welcome to 2017

I’m starting this year off with a rant, or more truthfully a series of rants. I’m back at work after a month of leave that was both necessary and welcome. It’s given me a chance to re-centre myself and begin the process of putting my life back together. It’s been more than a year of upheaval and stress, a period of time that’s taken its toll on both my mental and physical wellbeing. It’s something that I’ve begun to remedy over the break. Sun, surf, family and plenty of good food and exercise have already started the healing process and I’m now about ready to face up to 2017.

This series of post is the equivalent of me clearing my throat, getting a few things off my chest in order to start the year afresh. To clear the air and my head to face what will be an incredibly challenging year (but one I’m looking forward to). They are connected but I decided to publish them separately – they are mostly stand alone seperate commentary so it makes them easier to read and share.

Hello 2017!

I’m not sure if there’s an “order” to these posts – I’ve listed them as they poured out. Feel free to offer any suggestions.


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