Masters of The Entitled

Politics is the only place where the Age of Entitlement is alive and well, not with Millennials or whatever new word we’ve invented for the younger generation. Over the past month more and more examples of deep structural problems have shown the growing disengagement of the political class from democratic and civic ethics, policy, practice and behaviour. I thought this may have been a uniquely Australian phenomenon, but events in the UK and the rolling side show of the Trump presidency suggests it much more widespread.

Rather than acting with the dignity that should befit anyone elected into office, politicians seem to have more in common with spoilt and petulant toddlers, unwilling and unable to excercise restraint, responsibility or foresight. Trump and his teams vindictive and hateful policies will be implemented because we are operating in a political environment devoid of accountability and responsibility. The latest “entitlement” scandals and rorting of the travel system clearly demonstrate that for the Age of Entitlement is alive and well in Canberra, but Trump clear demonstrates that democracy itself is what’s at stake.

I’ve been secretly bemoaning the phenonomenon of Twitter threads of late – just put the damn thing in a blog post! – but I also see how powerful they are at promoting out a message. I decided to construct the Tweet Storm below, but I’m tossing up actually posting it on Twitter. Maybe if there’s another scandal this week – in the meantime, feel free to post yourself at your leisure!

Entitlement = over privileged, underqualified & underperforming politicians who seem to think responsibility doesn’t apply to them.

Entitled to claim exorbitant travel and expenses from the people’s purse while at the same time slashing the budgets of the public service.

Entitled to pursue social & party business at our expense. When was attending sporting event ever required for representative government?

Entitled to use the media a a megaphone for their hateful, divisive and corrosive ideology and policy.

Entitled to appeal to our egalitarianism while implementing financial policy that’s increasing inequality and creating new class divisions.

Entitled to deceive the public that they operate for the public good, when it’s obvious they operate purely for the corporate class.

Entitled to use ideas like the “public good” & then ignore great swathes of the public. When did they engaged with any indigenous issues?

Entitled to ignore their duty to their constituents and represent the people, not a Party, personal belief or paycheck.


By Tim Klapdor

Passionate about good design, motivated by the power of media and enchanted by the opportunities of technology.

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