So long twenty fifteen!

Wow, what a year it’s been. Honestly what the fuck just happened?

It kicked off fine, new job, new team, new work. We headed to Mudgee for a wedding to wish friends well on their great new adventure. Our daughter graduated from Abstract Expressionism to Expressionism with her first figurative paintings.

There was a road trip to most CSU campuses (first time in Orange, Dubbo and Canberra) and lots of great conversation. There was the abomination of Vegemite mixed with chocolate.

There was a 35th birthday and an Echidna icecream cake.

A brief trip to the snow. A new niece. Out first family trip to South Australia. There was pizzas like faces.

And then there was the fire.


And gastro. A week of gastro.

Then I left everything in disarray to go to the US and meet some of the most amazing people – people I’ve been dying to meet face to face and beyond the digital for many years. There was also a Mustang, jellyfish and Skyline Boulevard.

Then there was rebirth. Light at the end of the tunnel. A cooperative insurance company. Support and stuff. Love and thoughts. New things. Shiny things. A new place (and a deep desire to just go home).

Then there was Christmas. Love and family and, and … just love. Of knowing what matters. Of connecting, caring and cuddles.

Then there was Dad. A 15 year anniversary of him passing. Of leaving us all too soon. Of not seeing us graduate, fall in love, be happy, marry and pump out some little miracles. Of not being there to cook the cake. To joke and smile and laugh. There was a visit to the cemetery. Of stark blue skies and a beating sun. Of us together and acknowledging he would have loved what we’d become, what we’d made of our lives and who we love. There were tears.

Then there was cousins! More presents! More screaming and yelling and laughter than I though possible. There was love. Of knowing what matters. Of connecting, caring and cuddles.

Thanks everyone who was part of my year and wish you all the best for the next.

Bring on 2016!

By Tim Klapdor

Passionate about good design, motivated by the power of media and enchanted by the opportunities of technology.

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