You Are Not In Control

Tonight I’m giving a presentation for INF537 Digital Futures Colloquium, a subject part of the Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation).

While the title slide is a little ominous it’s aimed at being a provocation to the class to stimulate discussion rather than a lecture. I really want to hear what the students have to say – even if they think I’m way off.

Hopefully the seminar “provides the stimulus to identify and reflect critically on topics that have implications for a student’s own professional development, professional practice and scholarly interest” the subject aims to do.

One thought on “You Are Not In Control

  1. A couple of notes that came out of the presentation:

    Cooperation vs Collaboration + Collectives vs Connectives

    Harold Jarche has some an interesting post, Cooperation for the network era but a quick search on his site will point to plenty more. The first diagram in that post is great for tying together a number of ideas and models of thinking and perhaps infers why in some cases cooperation trumps collaboration.

    Mike Caulfield’s explanations of Federated Wiki are the best. Federated Education: New Directions in Digital Collaboration or Shorter Federated Wiki for TL;DRers should give you an idea. I wrote up my experience of the federated wiki experience – The FedWiki Happening.

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