How Everything and Nothing can be the same

Imagine silence – the absence of all noise and sound. Strain as much as you like your ears cannot detect anything.

This is Nothing.

Now you hear an orchestra begin to play a concerto. It starts softly, the strings, the woodwind the percussion and brass building in layers. The music steadily gets louder. Another orchestra starts to play another concerto. Over time more and more orchestras join in, each playing there own concerto. The noise builds and builds to a cacophony of tones, rhythms, chords and progressions. It gets louder and louder. The waves of sound crash together. The sound is so overwhelming that you hear nothing. You cannot make out a single note, beat or melody because the noise has become so complete.

This is everything.

In everything you hear nothing; everything is the same as nothing.

They are two opposites that unite and share a perception. Entirely different, but entirely the same.


2 thoughts on “How Everything and Nothing can be the same

  1. Great imagery. The latter “nothingness” reminds me of those times when I let myself in for information overload. I quickly become exhausted and confused with too much everything. Compare that to the restful, generative feeling that one gains during/after quiet meditation, and I’d say that though they may ultimately have the same informational gains, the experience leads to very different affective states of mind.

  2. Imagine a number in an infinite chain of numbers, it’s space, time, and life means everything to the existence, understanding, and life of the chain, but it means nothing to the chain when realized the one number has an exact value to the entire chain. There is an equal infinite everything and nothing in a forward, backward and inner direction of space time and life. Perfect imperfection is the movement we feel. Everything and nothing is our freedom to love.

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