Why the Owner?

I received a response to my last post via email. My friend questioned my use of the categorisation of the Owner (he also questioned the premise but didn’t detail much more or provide an alternative word choice).

In the post I didn’t really detail the reasons behind that decision to use the term Owners, but it wasn’t something that came easily. I showed an original version of the piece to my wife and we did discuss it at length. She forced me to rethink my taxonomy – what was the most appropriate terminology? I toyed with active and passive consumers but in the end the reason I used the term owner was because to me ownership has deeper connotations than a consumer. I used the term “passive consumer” and I could have used active as the counterpoint, but to me that just implies choice. The level of participation is simply limited to what to choose, but ownership entails a sense of responsibility.

An owner understands the need to maintain and repair – a consumer would just throw it away.

An owner can have deep emotional connections that can sustain a passion and desire over years, decades even a life time – a consumers “love” is a veneer that fades, often quite quickly.

Finally an owner wants the object in their life, a consumer simply has it.

Its not perfect I know and if someone has a better suggestion I am open to ideas. Language is such a pedantic thing for me –  quite a few posts here are proof of that – so it’s always difficult choice. Owner was something to me that I could co-opt, redefine and tweak a little to fit my requirements.


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