Good Design and the Good Society

To many people good design is often regarded as an aesthetic veneer that can be peeled on and off, but good design should underscore all decisions about our environment, because it refers to how things work – not just how they look. Good design is about functionality, performance and quality as much as it is about innovation and creativity. Good design is sustainable and resource efficient. It embraces its context. It contributes to community identity and is often the source of local pride. Good design delivers value for money as well as better outcomes, particularly when attention is paid to the full cost over a lifetime. If the quality of design can contribute to quality of ones life and well being, then it makes sense and is responsible to put in processes that enable good design to be achieved. Good design needs to be a core requirement of any project or procurement.

– Adapted from Geoffrey London’s talk The Built Environment and the Good Society from the Office of Victorian Government Architect.

Some inspiring words around what is good design. Originally Geoffrey was discussing housing and architecture – so I’ve tweak it to be more about design in a general sense.


By Tim Klapdor

Passionate about good design, motivated by the power of media and enchanted by the opportunities of technology.

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