What’s Next? Looking at the year ahead

The 1st of January, when the year ahead is a blank page. If I was designing it would be time to sketch, outline and plan – to let the ideas flow.

So fo me the year ahead looks a little like this:

  • Switch Off & Unplug – for a technology guy there’s a desire to connect, to everything. Its a blessing and a curse – so this year I’m taking a different approach – Less, but better – and concentrate on the essentials not on everything.
  • Move more – this isn’t the typical get fit resolution, I want to make movement a habit. I work a sedentary job so I need to make movement a bigger part of my day – make it a habit and integrated. I’ve managed to break a few habits over the last couple of years – hears to forming them 🙂
  • Big Reads – I’m an avid reader – just not of books. I probably read too many articles and blog posts. Its time to start digging a little deeper and adding a few big reads to my list.
  • Projects – I’ve got a few ideas for work this year. I plan on working on developing a concept of adaptive educational resources as well as investigating creating social structures for support and development.
  • Delegate – and finally on my to do … well it’s to do less. I feel I’ve been pulled in a thousand different directions over the last year, and while fun it’s not sustainable. So I have to start to delegate or say no.

So that’s my sketch. I’m sure it will change and morph into something different, but it’s a start.


One thought on “What’s Next? Looking at the year ahead

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