Thanks for 2012!

2012 has been a really positive year for me. I’ve come out of it with much more than I went in with – both personally and professionally. The big ticket item was of course my daughter, but I also managed to write and contribute to a couple of published academic papers and present at a number of conferences. I got to be part of a great mentee group that opened my eyes to the differences and commonalities we face in educational technology across countries. I got to build a number of professional relationships and interact with some truly great thinkers and people.

It’s been a year that has opened up my mind, heart and soul.  

Because of that I need to thank some people.

My daughter Alise

I became a parent on January 14 2012 and it has had the most profound effect on my life – how I view and how I use it. Everyday now seems more important and worthwhile if only to watch her grow. She has added a new dimension to life and filled me with curiosity and passion for the future. This quote from an article by Tim Kadlec really summed up how I feel – “I have to make sure they get enough time with Dad (or maybe more accurately, make sure I get enough time with them)”. I think I went into fatherhood expecting a more one sided relationship – man = provider – but I couldn’t be more wrong. I need her everyday for inspiration, motivation and contemplation.

Alise, Clare & Tim

Alise, Clare & Tim

My wife

When you experience your wife going through child birth and the struggles of a new born baby you develop a new respect and a deeper love. With tenacity that is on par with a honey badger she breaks through all her limits and I am left in awe. I will never respect anyone more than my wife for that alone – but she is more to me. She is my rock, my confidant, my balance point, my passion, my centre and core.


Ok so the other two were biggies but I have to give some credit to one piece of technology above all else that has enhanced my life this year – twitter. Those 140 characters have added so much to my life this year I can’t actually overstate it. It has fed me news of the world, sources of infinite and deep knowledge, enriched my experiences, spread my words far and wide, connected me to talented people, shown me new ideas and opened new possibilities and directions. So a big thank you to you those tweeps out there – Brad Frost, Whitney Hess, Stephanie RiegerJosh Clark, Doug Belshaw, David Jones, Sarah Thorneycroft & Dave Olsen

My team

A big shout out to my team – Jared, Tyswan and Rod. They have been such a major part of my work life this year and have really performed amazingly. Everything has been a challenge and very little has come easy but they have always been up to task, and most often exceeded my expectations. I should also mention my boss here, Philip, who has put a lot of faith and given me the autonomy and responsibility to make this project work.


I joined Ascilite a couple of years ago after going to a number of conferences for the very selfish reason of saving some money on conference fees. It’s the first professional organisation that I’ve ever joined and was never really aware what joining actually meant. But when I finally made the choice to utilise its services it has paid off big time. I signed up for the mentee program and worked with some great people from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We had some great discussions around the quite different problems we faced but also those we share. We even wrote a paper about it! That paper led to the confidence to write one my self which got accepted and I got to present it in front of my peers. It really helped satisfy a yearning to get my ideas out there and helped connect to a range of like minded people!

My Colleagues

Work has been quite demanding on me in the last year but thankfully I get to work with some really great people. To my colleagues – some of the most intelligent and passionate people I’ll ever know – thanks for making work feel like a place I want to be! Thanks for challenging me, engaging and entertaining my ideas, listening to my thoughts and making me want to make things better and to continuously improve personally and professionally.

There’s one last group – that need to be thanked most of all – my family  (that includes you Aunty Bobbie and Uncle Rob). Thanks for putting up with me, supporting and helping out however you could, distracting us and occasionally babysitting. You all rock, so thanks!

So that’s it. 2012 has gone and 2013 is here. Another year another set of new challenges and opportunities… and I think I’m ready for them 🙂


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