Presentations from CSUED 2012

I was lucky to present no less than 4 times in various forms at our internal Teaching and Learning conference – CSUED 2012. With so many great sessions I don’t think I over presented – just added a dash of mobile and a bit of “how to” to the mix.

I’ve posted most of presentations up online now so I thought I’d collate them here.

How To Use Mobile Technology for Engaging & Successful Learning & Teaching

Taking a look at mobile technology affordances and how they can be integrated into teaching and learning practice with the aim of promoting a conversation rather than being prescriptive.

mLearn: Lessons Through Exploration

An overview of the progress of the mLearn project, what we have learnt and what we plan to do next.

Understanding Mobile Technology

A video from the Digital Theatre on a few of the affordances of mobile technology.

Plenary: Higher Education for a digital age: Using social media to enhance learning and teaching

The last presentation was as part of plenary on Social Media. I had a couple of slides but more as cues. The points I bought up were:

  • Social media provides the ability to extend the learning space outside the classroom, but it can also to create a classroom for distance and online learners. It has the ability to create new spaces for actions and outcomes – sharing, discussion, collaboration, reflection.
  • Using social media via mobile technology allows for contribution in context.
  • Social media provides a platform to create a Personal Learning Network.
  • Social media allows us to actually construct a social network. Usually social networks in real life are based around location and temporal proximity – and not interest, passion, like-mindedness. Social media allows us to construct our own networks, to choose who we let in, follow and interact with.
  • My biggest issue was who owns what? As social networks become publicly listed who owns what, and at what cost becomes increasingly important.

So that’s it! For now…. I have 2 more presentations to work on – one for the HTML5 Symposium and the other for Ascilite 2012!


By Tim Klapdor

Passionate about good design, motivated by the power of media and enchanted by the opportunities of technology.

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