Fusion: It’s what makes this place great!

I want to send out a big thank you to all involved in the Fusion12 event held in Wagga on Saturday! What a fantastic day!

There is so much negativity out in the world that it was truly great to experience something positive in our community.

There’s a reason that I love this place I call home, and Saturday was proof in point. Wagga is a true melting pot of cultures, backgrounds and traditions. It is a juxtaposition of races, religions and creeds. Social and cultural status blends and entwines – high bogan with hints of euro-trash and man of the land.

The perception of Wagga in the wider world is that of a small country town and I’ve always been at odds with that. It’s never felt like that to me. It’s always felt dynamic and evolving, that change is inevitable and most often welcome. Yes you have your class of old curmudgeon – but they exist in all societies. This is a place where industry, agriculture, education and commerce come together. It is a where people come and go, stay, leave and often return.

Saturday showcased the vibrancy of the town and the culture injected into our lives from those that come and live here from around the world. I watched the town embrace its new citizens and revel in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes.

Thank you to all those who opened up their lives – and their kitchens. Thanks for sharing and giving back to the town. Thanks to the council for providing such a wonderful space – closing the street has been an idea of mine for so long and it’s great to see it happen and work so well.

Thank you Wagga. There is a reason that this is the place so nice they named it twice.

Spring and culture on display via Wagga City Council @wwccmedia


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