A Note to my Wife

I don’t know if anyone has played a bigger part in making me the man I am than my wife. Mum and Dad set me up and gave me all the knowledge and skills to succeed in life, but she has given them shape, structure and order. She didn’t “tame the beast”, she nurtured him.

I can’t describe the love I have for her in words, because it extends beyond them – into my heart, mind and soul. I exist as love for her.

She has got me through some of the toughest events in my life, and she has made them feel like moments – not drawn out sagas.

She has pushed me to be better, challenged my doubts and questioned my truths.

She has bought me so much joy, laughs and smiles – so many that I can amuse myself for hours recalling my sweetest memories.

She gave life to our daughter and in doing so humbled me with the depths of her resolve.

If I had to describe true love – it is finding someone who compliments you absolutely. We exist to be together. We create harmony and balance by creating chaos. We bind our lives in love and respect, truth and honesty. We can speak to each other. Not talking – speaking –  conveying our thoughts and feelings and more importantly understanding each other.

Falling in love is serendipity. Staying in love feels like pure magic.


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