I don’t think you get mobile…

It’s a little late and I should be in bed with a book, but instead my face is lit up from the glow of my iPad as I succumb to the need to write down my thoughts.

A friend posted an article titled “Why Mobile Will Dominate the Future of Media and Advertising“. After reading it I had to stop and pause. Something was amiss and then i thought “I don’t think they understand mobile”.

I agree that mobile is the next big thing. It is the latest and greatest technology and it has created a new marketplace. It’s also created new opportunities and new business models. It is a change agent – and that’s the crucial bit that seems to be missing – change! Mobile = change.

It’s a new paradigm and it requires new methods. I like the phrase – what happened in the past is no longer a reliable guide to the future – it sums up what mobile is and what it represents.

So when they state:

“consumers are spending 10% of their media attention on their mobile devices while the medium only commands a mere 1% of total ad-spend … “dying” print medium attracts only about 7% of media-time, but still captures an astonishing 25% of the total U.S. ad-spend, with print receiving 25-times more ad money than mobile.”

I don’t think they’ve comprehended the change required to engage with mobile. It’s not the same medium as print and you cannot follow the traditional “whack an ad on it” model, because it won’t work.

Mobile has created a marketplace and an audience – but it’s new, and it requires new ways of thinking and acting. I really don’t think that traditional advertising works in mobile. Consumers might have been willing to suffer through it before, simply because they had no choice and no control of the platform. With mobile they do and unless there is a tangible benefit advertising will just get in the way. And if you piss people off in a mobile space, you’ve pissed them off in their personal space, in their home and to their face! You may as well have peed on their rug.

Mobile marketing will require investment – not in pretty pictures, glossy magazine spreads or CGI heavy commercials. No, you will need to invest in your customers, in your product and in the experience your service provides – exactly the platform that mobile provides…. Funny that 🙂


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