Step 2: Changing Habits

So a quick update on the information diet. So far I’ve been busy deleting noisy channels, so gone are a number of email notifications and lists. Gone too are redundant networks (bye Path) and gone are some Twitter chatterers.

I guess now its on to Step 2 now – Changing my habits. This is going to be the hard part!

Over the last couple of weeks though I’ve had some sort of epiphany and clarity has made the path has clear. It’s all about ACTIONS! Life in general is not about what we think or say – its what we do that actually matters. Thinking about my life and work at the moment and its probably the lack of action, the overall lethargy of my life that is the problem.

So with that in mind there’s a new regime at home. We are implementing a Seinfeld chain linked to core daily activities. This is for home but I also want to do the same personally – developing key things that I need to do everyday.

So what’s on the list?

  1. 30 minutes walking with my wife and child – time to talk about the day
  2. 30 minutes doing daily tasks – tidying, dishes, clothes
  3. 30 minutes of chores – single tasks around the house
  4. 2 hours of TV – that’s it, the upper limit.

These things are everyday, 7 days a week, no excuses. The only break is when we are on holiday and away from the house – and even then we can still do most of them.

There are some caveats – Friday night is movie night so we need some more TV time to finish a movie. Bad weather might scupper plans for walking – so we’ll need an alternative.

In addition I’m going to try to:

  • getting up early everyday – starting the day before 7pm
  • get more sleep – which means earlier nights!
  • read a book every night
  • no TV news in the morning, read my Instapaper instead
  • more social activity… I still need to work this one out 🙂

I still need to do more work on my snacking – Facebook, twitter, Flipboard and Zite – but lets get the main meals sorted first.

Over the last couple of years I’ve made some big life changes, and I think this is one of them. At the moment I can imagine life after the change and it looks better than it does now. With that in mind that’s what I need to work towards – its the art of doing is important.


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