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OK I posted a comment about this SMH article…. it’s being moderated at the moment, but here’s the unmoderated version. It’s this kind of thing that turns a reader, and Fairfax has been a reoccurring offender of late. I might be swapping to the ABC as my news source soon and leaving the technology to the tech blogs who seem to know what they’re talking about.

Seriously? This is being treated as a legitimate review by this media company??? Even the caption is flawed “… the new iPad doesn’t introduce anything that we haven’t seen before.” How about the screen? You know the thing you look at! The thing with more pixels than any other mobile device, every HD TV, and all desktop and laptops! Which bit of that have you ever seen before??? Give me one example of a consumer device with this pixel density…. please, I beg you to support even the general gist of this article.

Honestly the editor here needs a little bit of a reality check – this isn’t reporting or journalism – this is trolling!

Read the article:

And to put it in context – this review from the NYT is the only poor review out there at the moment.


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