Mobile Technology

Going Pro

Creating with your mobile is often seen as the lo-fi option. It’s time to rethink that assumption.One of the great things about mobile is that it’s there. You may have access to an amazing DSLR, but what good is it when its not with you when you see something you want to capture?

The iPhone is now the most popular camera on Flickr. Why? Mainly because the camera is there with people – in their pocket or handbag. But there’s another reason – it’s actually a decent camera. Have a look at these examples…. I’m not lying.

But want if you want more??? Well it maybe a huge coincidence but a couple of companies in the last week are releasing products that cater to those wanting to push their devices, those wanting to go pro.

While the camera in the iPhone is great, the microphone…. isn’t. It works well for phone conversations but beyond that you can really see it’s limitations. So along come the Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface. The additional directional microphones allow you to create a unique sound recording environment. You can aim both mics out to create a wide or narrow field of sound, or face one front and one back to record and interview. You can now match the quality of the pictures to a quality soundtrack. 

Sticking with the iPhone, what if you wanted to get more control over the camera? Well now you can use FiLMiC Pro. This app allows you take control of your camera in ways well and beyond your standard camera apps. Now you can

  • Shoot with variable Frame Rates
  • Use four selectable resolutions
  • Add framing guide overlays (4:3, 16:9, & 2:35.1)
  • Add a thirds guide for easy composition
  • see an audio meter
  • get color bars for post production
  • And use a film production style slate for syncing with an external audio system or multi-camera shoots, and adding info to inform your editor or organize your clips within the clip library.

And finally, lets not forget that your iPad2 has a HD camera in it too. So have a look at Movie Mount from Makayama. This simple case allows you to take the iPad and use it as a professional camera – providing mounts for microphones, lights and additional lenses.

So you can go mobile and go pro!

By Tim Klapdor

Passionate about good design, motivated by the power of media and enchanted by the opportunities of technology.

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