Happy Easter

So it all ends today. My last few hours in Abilene. The whole experience been a blast in many ways. I don’t think I’ve felt this intellectually stimulated and challenged for sometime and I’ve not been in an environment that stimulates my brain this much since my own study. I feel a little tired now, my synapses having fired almost constantly for the last 3 weeks. I haven’t had much downtime – only a day or so thanks to travel and the like – so now I’m looking forward to seeing in my wife and letting all that new information settle a little. I think I need the dust to settle before even attempting to really make sense of everything.

I’ve had a chance to sit down with some great people over the last 3 weeks and seeing a whole range of perspectives on mobile learning that I honestly don’t think you can get in any other way.

I’m going to wish you all a happy Easter and head off now for a couple of weeks. I’m finally getting to see my dearest wife today after 3 weeks apart. Then we’re driving from Dallas to LA via New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Las Vegas. I’ll post some pics later!

Have a great holiday


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