The Final Day at ACU

Knowing of the inevitability of all things coming to an end still doesn’t alleviate the impact when they do.

On my last day at ACU I got to speak with Billie J. McConnell about the work being done in the School of education,sat in on professional development session on the ethics of data and hung out with Dennis and Lyndell before crashing the end of the weekly staff meeting to say thanks to everyone.

The work being done in the regards to Teacher Education was really interesting. Not only is the mobile program of benefit to the students at ACU for their studies, the knock on effect is that when they graduate themselves and are going out to teach they are comfortable with using the technology and know how it can be used in the classroom. ACU is also involved in outreach work with implementing trial mobile programs at a variety of K-12 schools in the local area. With some dramatic shakeups on the horizon for the entire Texan school system ACU is sharing their knowledge with these schools which may help make some looming decisions on the states behalf. It was great to see how a fairly insular decision by ACU to transform the way they teach and learn is now having a much wider positive impact on the local community and even on a state level.

I really am truly grateful to everyone at ACU who gave up some of their time to sit down with me. The experience was truly wonderful. I don’t think I’ve felt as engaged with so many new people, places and ideas – it was such an intellectually stimulating time which I don’t think I’ve had since probably high school and my first art history classes.

A huge thank you to George for being the consumate host – not only seeing that I was looked after but giving up a Saturday to show me around Abilene went above an beyond! Thanks to Dennis too for being my guide and companion during my visit. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into getting me into see people and to organise a whole calendar of events.

And thanks to everyone who I got to meet, interrupt and talk with: Bill, Dwayne, Kyle, Lyndell, Jackie,  Kenny, Mike, Ian, Scott, Bob, Scott, Arthur, Billie and all the other staff whose names I have forgotten (sorry!] but I got over loaded!).

Thanks to everyone for their time and patience but most of all thank you for sharing! I hold you all in the highest esteem for the work you are doing but also your willingness to share with the rest of the world.


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