So I’ve had a couple of days in Texas. It’s certainly warmer than California, flatter and bigger. The first thing I noticed was there is real truth to the old saying – everything is bigger in Texas. It is on most accounts. Driving into downtown Dallas everything looks bigger, more spread out and there’s just more space. Also the cars – mostly American and mostly huge. I managed to get an upgrade at the car rental so I’m not in the Chevy anymore, I got a Kia Soul. It has a higher driving position so I don’t feel as meek but when you pull up next to an F250 you’re still gonna feel small.

I stayed last night in downtown Dallas and spent the morning wandering around. I went to the arts district and then down to Dealey Plaza. I didn’t have the morbid curiosity to visit the 6th floor museum, but I figured while I’m here I should at least see the place. When I was driving out of town they had blocked off traffic (the way the GPS was telling me to go) and set up the¬†limousine¬†where the assassination took place. It attracted quite a crowd, and honestly I thought it was a little bit wrong. It seems like they’ve turned a murder site into a tourist attraction, but I guess JFK is a folk hero so it’s has a different meaning attached.

And then I arrived at the Gaylord Texan. Wow, I’ve never spent much time in a resort before so I’m a little naive, but this place is huge! The closest I’ve come before is Vegas and this is close – just without the casino. It’s mocked out in true Texas style with a massive atrium in the centre of the hotel where there’s a mock adobe style mission, oil rig thing and mexican church. Plus 4 restaurants, a range of retail shops, bar and coffee house. It’s one of those places where I have no idea whats actually real and what’s fake and I guess that’s part of it’s charm.

So I’m registered for the conference and really keen to learn. This will be a great launch pad for the work planned over the next year and getting into the mobile web. I am a sponge people, ready to soak up your wisdom. Follow the conference on twitter using the #bdconf tag! More later…


By Tim Klapdor

Passionate about good design, motivated by the power of media and enchanted by the opportunities of technology.

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